Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Why Going Green Is Important - Can Consumers Recycle Your Packaging Products?

Why Going Green Is Important - Can Consumers Recycle Your Packaging Products?

Getting a realistic picture of how easy or difficult it is for the public to recycle products and packaging can be a critical part of business operations. “Can Consumers believe in your brand  that your products are recycable or sustainably “green”? In the coming years, this question will make or break a company’s brand because green product packaging and sustainability is the hottest issue facing manufacturers today. 
The importance of  using tree-free packaging products -Recycle Paper Boxes made from bamboo reduces deforestation and protects biodiversity and most consumers are interested in packaging products that save rainforest and protect the environment. The question is why are businesses and institutions  still purchasing toxic packaging products?
For an institution or business, it is cheaper to dump garbage in a landfill than to recycle it properly. The right sticks and carrots have never been put in place to encourage them to do the right thing instead of the cheapest thing. The same goes for product importers and manufacturers who have never been given proper incentives to accept the responsibility and costs of recycling their products or, better still, making greener ones in the first place.

Packaging is designed to convey a message and protect a company’ brand from its competitors but what other functions must it serve too?
• First and foremost, think about the product packaging. There's so much that goes into growing and processing trees and that should be the first thing on your mind. Look for tree-free pulp packaging products, BambooOrganic Fabric Shopping Bags, look for recycle paper cardboard materials and PET  - ClearPlastic Folding.

• Choose recyclable materials. Check with your municipality to make sure you're recycling everything you can. Select products packaged in certified fiber, meaning it's grown in forests that are sustainably managed.

• Do home composting, or encourage your municipality to work toward opening a composting facility or just look for one in your community. Across the country, people are getting into composting as a business; perhaps eventually it will be cheaper to do than a landfill.

• Do something as little as reusing your BambooOrganic Fabric Shopping Bags, which is washable, and the most durable fabric in the world...

In the end, we can achieve the goal, not by quantum leaps; but by small incremental steps – person-by-person, product by product, choice by choice. Progress will likely be hard to see along the way; but, the end result will be worth the effort.

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